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  Guangzhou Huasheng Tourist Articles Co., Ltd., was established in Guangzhou since 2000. It is an industrial and trade integration company focusing on the production and sale of military, tactical  equipment and outdoor sports products, providing professional Airsoft equipment for buyers.

  After nearly 20 years of development, We  has built a solid foundation in product design, production capacity, process realization, and comprehensive service ability with rich industry experience and ability. 

  In product design, it not only has professional talent accumulation and reserve, professional Golden Triangle combination designer team, but also can cooperate with customers within one hour to provide design order program; what’s more ,it is takes seven days to proofing the sample.  Having  high accuracy and 100% of customer satisfaction . 


  In terms of production technology and quality control, 68% of the skilled workers in our factory have more than 10 year’s experience in this industry, which greatly accelerates the supply speed of factory orders and the growth of the company. The company has accumulated nearly 20 years of experience in producing more than 3000 kinds of products; equipped with the professional quality control team growing up from the rapid development of foreign trade production, not only can effectively guarantee production capacity, but also the quality control rate reaches 98%.

  We has a strong comprehensive service capability. The order of response capability enables flexible orders and customized fragmentation production. From pre-proofing, cutting to finished product shaping, it can be produced on-line within 10 days at the fastest (the production cycle is controlled around 40 days). At present, the factory has more than 200 workers, 7 professional production lines, providing continuous annual order production for more than 10 brands on average over the years, and establishing cooperative alliances with us.

  At present, main business products : tactical backpack, vest, military uniform, gloves, masks, hats, belts, military boots, helmet, water bags and other complete sets of tactical equipment. At the same time, the main clients of the service are Airsoft, Hunting Outdoor and Fitness Brands, Military and Police Units in China, Foreign Military Government Bidding Project and C-terminal Platform Brand Purchasers.

  Our company  are based on honesty and professionalism. Cooperate with customers to create high profit value products and build a strong strategic alliance!

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